Club Logo Design Service starting at $75


Need a club logo but not graphically inclined?  Or maybe your current logo needs some work.  Whether you are in need of updating or redesigning your club logo we have the solution.  

We offer two logo services ranging from a quick update to logo design from scratch.  A club logo is essential when promoting your club or academy.  We will provide you with vector based formatted logo file.  Here are some reasons why it is a necessity to have your logo in a vector format.

1. A Vector Logo is Infinitely Scalable

A vector’s main advantage over its raster counterparts is its infinite scalability; vector logos can be scaled indefinitely to fit large print designs or scaled down to fit smaller formats. Vectors save the day when you need your logo to fit both a business card and a large display poster or billboard. Algorithmic formulas make up the shapes in a vector, so you can scale logos up or down without loss of resolution and quality. Those sharp edges seen in the original vector logo remain crisp even when zoomed in or scaled to outrageous dimensions.

2. A Vector Logo is Easily Editable

In addition to being scalable, vector logos are easily editable. Perhaps you’d like to change the logo color or rearrange the logo components.

3. A Vector Logo Has Many Export Options

When working in vector-based programs such as Illustrator, you can easily export a single vector logo to any vector or raster format as needed. Simply hit Shift + Command + S to bring up the Save As menu; from there, you can save your Illustrator document to various vector formats (AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG). These formats are ideal when exporting your final draft of the logo or when sending out a brand package to clients.

    Make sure to upload your reference files!